user-friendly 3D face recognition system

Precise optics, smart electronics and fast math algorithms

To enter a facility using 3DMask, a user only needs to stop in front of the device for a short time.

In real time 3DMask generates a digital biometric template that does not contain any personal data.

The system sends a 3D template to a local embedded database or a shared centralized server database.

Recognizing a visitor, 3DMask sends a control signal to the controller or the access control actuator. During the whole process, pop-up instructions assist visitors to facilitate their access.

New generation of 3D recognition

Unique technology

For recognition, we use user’s unique facial geometry, which is obtained through 3D scanning its exact mathematical model


Instant registration of a new user - 2 seconds, identification - 1 second


High recognition accuracy when working with large databases. The template contains information on 40,000 points on the face


Flush and surface mounting on various vertical surfaces, possibilities for integration with various types of access control systems

Сonvenience of use

Recognition of a person at an angle, as well as minor changes in his appearance (glasses, beard or mustache)


FAR - 1/1000000, FRR -1/1000, FTE - 0, Absolute protection from spoofing with a conventional (two-dimensional) photo

Insensitive to poor light conditions

Performance is stable even in complete darkness due to the infrared LED backlight

Ergonomic design

Convenient, intuitive interface

3D Mask Software Features

Linux system image

Patented algorithm to construct and recognize three-dimensional face biometrics

Web interface


Server solution for synchronizing and managing databases on multiple 3DMask devices running in a single system

Technical charateristics

Recognition accuracy







Maximum number of users

Identification mode (1хN):

Verification mode (1х1):

6 000


Maximum number of events in log:

up to 1 000 000

Identification time:

Registration time:

up to 0.5 sec

up to 2 sec

Recognition depth:

User’s height range:

from 35 to 60 cm

70 cm


Management and settings adjustment:

Access control integration:


Programmed inputs/outputs:

Ethernet, WiFi

Wiegand (input/output)



Color display characteristics

Touch screen, diagonal 5’’, resolution 480x854 pix


Maximal current:

12 V

3.5 А


Surface mounting, HxWxD:

Flush mounting, HxWxD:

224x185x69 mm

224x185x39 mm

3D mask price includes:

DMS software to synchronize device databases with a central database

User and technical support training

API for integration

Unlimited number of users in the database

18 months warranty

First-class technical support

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