16 February 2018

A new 3D face recognition device debuts at INTERSEC

3DMask, a unique contactless 3D facial recognition system was unveiled to much critical acclaim at INTERSEC in January 2018.

Pundits were won-over by the technology, and even those who prefer other types of biometric security systems praised the new product.

Initially, visitors were attracted by the compact and ergonomic design and drawn-in for a closer look. Everyone was able to test the device on themselves: register, and then get recognized by the, deceptively-simple-looking, system.

“So fast!”, noted one guest after almost running past the 3DMask sensor. Visitors were able to not only see how the technology worked, but got a look at the “back-end” (the administrator web-interface and other insider information).

3DMask piqued the strongest interest for its originality, speed and comfort of use.

We, the 3DMask team, sincerely thank everyone who took the time to visit our stand! We look forward to seeing you at the next show!

About the exhibition

INTERSEC is devoted to complex security systems, modern means of protection, innovative “smart” products and automation systems. Due to growing global demand and the high-quality of exhibitors and visitors INTERSEC attracts each year, the 2018 show became the largest event in its history.

About the product

3DMask is a brand-new, affordable, 3D face recognition device, able to identify thousands of people on the fly. The company, based out of Moscow, Russia, specializes in 3D imaging and 3D face recognition.


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