3DMask is the best solution for recognizing a person's face

The 3DMask is the brand-new 3D facial recognition terminal intended for wall mounted, physical access control applications. Based on the specially developed 3D camera, innovative recognition technology, state-of-the-art design of casing and electronic parts.

3DMask provides superb authentication accuracy, fast matching and access, contactless, friendly ease of use and smart integration.
3DMask also contains voice and video connection for intercom mode.


3DMask offers the unlimited possibilities for integration with different types of ACS. It possesses specific design features to ensure convenience and simplicity of installation on various vertical surfaces


3DMask works on the basis of a unique contactless biometric technology of human face recognition. It provides high recognition accuracy when working with large sets of data. It features low sensitivity to influence caused by external factors and recognizes a person despite minor changes in his appearance. The system works in complete darkness due to the infrared LED backlight capability


3DMask possesses convenient intuitive interface and a set of video intercom functions. Its portability and smart ergonomic design allow easy integration in a variety of interiors. Users are offered a maximum comfort since there is no need to interact with the device directly

Application areas

Strategically important objects,
industrial facilities

Banking sector

Office and public facilities

Transport infrastructure

Living spaces

A new 3D face recognition device debuts at INTERSEC
16 February 2018 A new 3D face recognition device debuts at INTERSEC
3DMask, a unique contactless 3D facial recognition system was unveiled to much critical acclaim at INTERSEC in January 2018.
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